.Net Development

Extended Development Center

@AJSSoft we offer in establishing n extended development center which engages in application development, product enhancement, and testing and validation of the project. By this the client can choose to eliminate the costs necessary for the establishment of a development center, resource recruitment and training, and workspace running costs.

We have creates and operating an EDC which serves at its fullest potential and augment client capacity by acting as an extension of the client company. For this purpose, we have recruited some of the best professionals in the industry who not only demonstrate technical talent but also the level of commitment and dedication to development as you would expect from your own employees.

We provides up to 5 hours of overlap time between EDC and customer project team for day to day interactions.In short, EDC works as a virtual extension of your in-house team.

We offer :

  • A facility that is designed to provide the environment for our developers to unleash their fullest potentials.
  • A quality team of project managers, software architects and programmers, creative designers and a quality assurance team.
  • Frequent and timely interaction between our team and the clients’ team for updates and discussions.
  • Easily reachable through all channels (email, phone, instant messengers)
  • Complete transparency of EDC processes and progress of process
  • A superior degree of confidentiality and information protection measures to ensure that the client data stays within the company.
  • Frequent project and module releases for testing and validation by the client.
  • Use of Agile methodology blended with our ability to handle anything from a single module to creative design, architecture and support to a complete project.

Migration & Re-engineering or Modernization

Migration Services

By migrating your legacy products from older legacy technologies, to new state-of-the-art platforms, your custom software products will benefit from improved integration capabilities, faster acceptance in the market , increased reliability and increased scalability . We routinely assist ISVs in bringing their longstanding—and successful—products with core focus on Microsoft .NET platform.

Language Migration:
  • VB to VB.NET
  • ASP to ASP.NET
  • C or C++ to .NET
Architecture Migration
  • Client Server to N-TIER
  • Legacy to Web Services
  • Client Server to SOA ( Service Oriented Architecture)
  • Legacy to Web Enablement
Data Migration
  • SQL Server 6.5 / 2000 to SQL Server 2005/2008

Re-engineering Services

@AJSSoft we reevaluate the needs of your customers, re-architect your product according to those requirements and develop it using new, modern technologies that will eventually enhance your customer’s experience. We “tune-up” your product—helping maximize performance while improving stability and usability.

@AJSSoft we follow the following steps for Re-engineering / Modernization

Comparison Testing
User Testing
Post Migration Support

Application Development and Maintainence

Application development and maintainence
@AJSSoft we offer our clients, custom application development and maintenance services to our clients in various industries, with the ability to handle large enterprise systems and provide cost effective on time support.

We provide both end-to-end offshore software development solutions - from requirements gathering to application design and development to application maintenance - and specific design and development expertise. We have expertise in various software platforms such Microsoft .Net, JAVA, PHP, RoR among others. We follow a flexible , case based approach to each project and customer need.

Our standard process is defined for typical scenarios, but we customize each project based on your business goals and requirements.

Requirement Phase » High Level Design » Detailed Design » Development » System Testing » Acceptance Testing

Phase Location Entry Criteria Activities Deliverables
Requirement Development Onsite/ Offshore Statement of Work Gather Requirements
Analyze Requirements
Inspect Requirements
Application Test Strategy
Initial Project
High Level Design Onsite/ Offshore SRSs Define
Write the Development Plan
Write Functional Specifications
Write Test Plan
System Architecture
Software Development Plan
Functional Specifications
System Test Plan
Revised Project Plan
Detailed Design and Development Offshore Functional Specifications Write Programming Programming Specifications
Write Unit Test
Unit Test
Unit Tested Code
System Testing Offshore Unit Tested Code & System Cases Perform System Test Customer Ready System
Acceptance Testing Onsite Tested Software Support Acceptance Test Letter of Acceptance

We offer flexible, cost-effective access to top-notch software development resources. Those include our human resources—developers, testers, and project managers who are experts not only in our target technologies but also in agile development methodologies. Our resources also include our collection of pre-assembled software components and our reusable architectures —all of which dramatically improve the speed and efficiency of development projects.

Application Integration

@AJSSoft we offer your business the means to modernize, consolidate, and coordinate operations in your enterprise.

These application integration services will allow your enterprise to

a) update existing or legacy applications to “talk” to other applications
b) integrate web-based features into older desktop applications

We offer to provide a structured information processing and delivery framework that would help your organization to break down information barriers across the enterprise. Our Application Integration services streamline and modernize your IT infrastructures while addressing legacy system and application issues – without disrupting your current business processes.

Application Integration solutions are designed to accomplish measurable results, deliver rapid ROI and balance business and IT needs. By implementing new age technologies and practices, we make sure that your business applications are developed, maintained and managed in safe and risk-free business environments.