Business Process Automation

Business process automation
Business Process Automation, or BPA, is the process a business uses to contain costs. It consists of integrating applications, cutting labor wherever possible, and using software applications throughout the organization.

Business process automation in its simplest form is workflow automation where operational aspects of a work procedure are computerized by facilitating flow of information.

@AJSSoft we help business apply BPA to the spectrum of their processes. The continuum of business process automation encompasses workflow automation, business process integration, process control and improvements based on business intelligence and expert systems.

Many software applications are functionally disparate. Your business may have two or more software applications that each performs an individual function, but are incapable of communicating or sharing information when it is time to produce a final report or analysis. @AJSSoft we can modify existing software applications to allow for collaboration or design new processes which effectively provides a new layer for collaboration. Such an interface can provide for automation of many manual reporting and other daily business tasks.